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Market-leading hydrogen fuel cell solutions for next-generation zero-emission vehicles and power generators


Loop is helping build a zero-emissions world.

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Smart, Clean Cities
Transit & School Buses, Waste Management, Parcel Delivery
Power Generation Systems
Backup, Off-grid, & “Off-grid in the City” Power Systems
We know the best way to accelerate the transition to zero-emission technologies is to make it as easy and seamless as possible. In the hydrogen world, we start with the battery-electric solution and use fuel cells to add range, increase payload, reduce refueling time and ensure electric vehicles are capable of any route, any time of year. No matter the application, our goal is to match diesel functionality while reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Products & Technology

Loop’s revolutionary fuel cells architecture, eFlow®, is reshaping mobility by offering multiple advantages over traditional solutions including smaller size, lighter weight, increased power, and reduced fuel consumption. Our product portfolio is purpose-engineered to make the best use of eFlow® technology in each specific application.
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power

Fuel Cell Modules

Our fuel cell modules are carefully engineered to deliver industry leading performance and cost-of-ownership benefits for each target application. Each product category is precision-tuned to produce an unmatched combination of fuel efficiency and peak-power in its class. Designed for seamless integration, our fuel cell modules are significantly smaller and lighter than most alternatives and are backed by Loop’s unwavering commitment to customer technical support.

Fuel Cell Stacks

Our fuel cell stacks are the living embodiment of eFlow® technology delivering up to 90% more power and enabling up to 16% or more in fuel savings versus same size alternatives. Operating at current density uniformity levels an order of magnitude greater than that of traditional fuel cells, Loop stacks feature exceptional durability. Combined with a purpose engineered balance of plant, eFlow® stacks enable market-leading fuel cell module performance for a wide range of applications.

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eFlow® Fuel Cell Technology​

Loop’s eFlow® fuel cell architecture is nothing short of a quantum leap in performance delivering unmatched fuel efficiency, peak power, and durability. At the core of this innovation is our signature “trapezoid” plate that ensures uniform current and power density across the entire active area, increasing gas velocity down the plate and exceptional water management.​

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About Loop

At Loop, we see a world where we can power our lives without damaging the planet. One that combines renewable energies with our world-changing fuel cell products to help our customers power a thriving zero-emission hydrogen society.