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Loop Energy’s product portfolio is purpose engineered and carefully tuned to deliver the maximum benefits of eFlow® technology in each of the target market applications.

eFlow® Technology

Loop Energy’s revolutionary patented fuel cell architecture is reshaping commercial mobility and stationary power generation with an unmatched combination of power density and fuel efficiency improvements.
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power
Fuel Cell Range Extenders

Our fuel cell modules are carefully engineered to deliver industry leading performance and cost of ownership benefits for each target application. Each product category is precision tuned to produce an unmatched combination of fuel efficiency and peak-power in its class. Designed for seamless integration, our fuel cell modules are significantly smaller and lighter than most alternatives and are backed by Loop’s unwavering commitment to customer technical support.

We worked closely with our customers to make sure that each of the fuel cell modules in our portfolio is designed with careful consideration of target operating duty cycle requirements, integration space envelop  availability as well as capital and operating cost constrains.

Fuel Cell
Engine Class
Operating Power Requirements
Minimum Integration Volume*
Estimated Lifetime
Fuel Savings**
Urban Delivery
Delivery Vans
S300 series
transit & medium duty
T505/T600 series
coming 2021
Heavy duty
S1200/T2500 series
up to 250kW

* Assuming custom packaging of engine components and excluding custom enclosure volume

** Estimated value of 16% reduction in fuel consumption vs comparable product with the same FC stack active area over 30,000 hours at $10 USD/kg hydrogen fuel price

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Fuel Cell Stacks

Our fuel cell stacks are the living embodiment of eFlow® technology delivering up to 90% more power and enabling up to 16% or more in fuel savings vs same size alternatives. Operating at current density uniformity levels an order of magnitude greater that of traditional fuel cells, Loop stacks feature exceptional durability. Combined with a purpose engineered balance of plant, eFlow® stacks enable market leading fuel cell module performance for a wide range of applications.

We worked closely with our customers in light, medium and heavy-duty vehicle manufacturing as well as stationary power applications, to optimize our fuel cell stacks for delivery of the best balance between fuel efficiency, physical size and capital cost for each of the target applications.

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Loop Plate Cell 3
eFlow® Fuel Cell Technology

Loop’s eFlow® fuel cell architecture is nothing short of a quantum leap in performance delivering unmatched fuel efficiency, peak power and durability. At the core of this innovation is our signature “trapezoid” plate that ensures uniform current and power density across the entire active area, increasing gas velocity down the plate and exceptional water management.

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