Markets & Applications

Loop is helping build a zero‑emissions world.

To accelerate the transition to zero-emissions, we must make it as seamless as possible. In the hydrogen world, we start with the battery-electric solution and use fuel cells to add range, increase payload, reduce refueling time and ensure the vehicles are capable of any route, any time of year, no matter the application. Our goal is to exceed diesel functionality while reducing cost of ownership.
Ports, Logistics & Freight

Demand for transportation, warehousing and logistics originates from all sectors of the economy. The global freight industry is critical to economic growth and prosperity, yet it is also one of the main contributors to one of the greatest challenges of our times – environmental pollutions.

At Loop Energy, we work side by side with our OEM customers to produce zero-emission vehicles that can eliminate pollution while maintaining both the functional and economic integrity of the global transportation network.

Terminal Tractors

Terminal Tractors are specialty trucks designed for fast, safe and efficient movement of semi-trailers or cargo containers. These highly versatile vehicles are an integral part of just about any port, commercial ferry or warehouse operation.

In addition to being emission-free, hydrogen-electric tractors with Loop’s fuel cell modules:

  • Closely match diesel in terms of refueling time and ability to operate under a wide range of seasonal weather conditions including some of the more extreme climates.
  • Combine all the typical benefits such as regenerative breaking with eFlow®’s leading fuel efficiency to deliver the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.
Port Drayage & Trucking

Large, heavy-duty trucks, usually paired with trailers, are perhaps the most common mode of cargo transport from ports to nearby yards and warehouses or over longer distances.

Loop fuel cell modules integrate with battery-electric heavy-duty vehicles to:

  • Enable diesel-like all-season driving range, refueling time, and payload capacity while eliminating harmful emissions AND meeting even some of the more stringent axle-load regulations.
  • Combine all the typical benefits such as regenerative breaking with eFlow®’s leading fuel efficiency to deliver the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.
Smart, Clean Cities

While cities cover only 3% of the earth’s surface, they are responsible for more than 70% of all carbon emissions. With almost 60% of the world population living in urban areas, cities have now become our primary living environment, an environment we urgently need to rid of pollution.

Governments around the world are working hard towards implementing emission restrictions and even bans on diesel vehicles within city limits. However, simply eliminating buses, delivery trucks and taxis is neither feasible nor desirable. This is why Loop is working closely with its OEM customers to develop zero-emission vehicles that can eliminate the pollutions, yet provide the services that our society needs at costs it can afford.

City Buses

Bus transit is one of the most common, reliable and affordable modes of inner-city transport that many people have come to rely on for their daily commute needs. Vehicle reliability and route interoperability are critical to fleet operator’s ability to maintain smooth, uninterrupted service. Operating costs are also a critically important factor, as bus service must remain affordable in order to adequately service broad and economically diverse communities.

Loop fuel cells integrate with battery-electric buses to ensure

  • Diesel-like all-season range and passenger capacity as well as full route interoperability.
  • Ability to meet some of the most stringent axil load regulations while eliminating harmful emissions yet without sacrificing passenger capacity.
  • Quick refueling and reduced fuel consumption in order to ensure that every community can afford clean air it deserves.
Refuse Trucks
Garbage, recycling and organic waste collection is an essential service in every city. These vehicles and the service they provide, are critical to keeping our cities clean, yet they are also some of the most polluting vehicles on the road at the same time. Loop works closely with its OEM customers to integrate its fuel cell products with refuse collection vehicles and
  • Match diesel in terms of all-season driving range while eliminating harmful emissions.
  • Combine all the typical benefits such as regenerative breaking with eFlow®’s leading fuel efficiency to deliver the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.
Parcel Delivery

Parcel delivery service is growing rapidly with some studies anticipating a nearly 80% growth by 2030 leading to a 36% increase in delivery vehicles in the world’s top 100 largest cities alone. Online shopping, overall convenience and lower costs are also contributing to the phenomena. At the same time, parcel delivery services are also expected to produce nearly 30% more CO2 emissions while increasing traffic congestion by over 20% over the course of the next 10 years.

Light and medium-duty vehicle OEMs servicing parcel delivery fleet operators are choosing Loop fuel cells to

  • Enable zero-emission performance while ensuring maximum range and maximum payload of the vehicle.
  • Maximize the benefits of autonomous driving vehicles via longer all-season driving range and fast refueling times.
  • Maintain and improve service economics by reducing overall operating and specifically fuel costs.
Zero-Emission Power Generation Systems

From movie sets to construction sites, back-up power from critical infrastructure and even remote, off-grid locations such as mining camps or emergency hospitals – on-sight generators are vital to providing electrical power in these applications.

Diesel generators typically used under the circumstances create both noise and pollution while often operating at levels far below maximum efficiency.

Next-generation, hydrogen-electric stationary power system manufacturers are turning to Loop fuel cells to:

  • Ensure best fuel efficiency and thus overall cost of ownership for their products.
  • Leverage exceptional durability of eFlow® technology in order to provide customers with a lasting, reliable solution.